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The healthcare industry is rapidly growing and evolving. It is one of the most talked-about industries in the times of COVID-19 pandemic as it is the hope of the world in this difficult time. Now the world is preparing for the COVID-19 vaccine and looking forward to a better future. The major worry which troubles every pharmaceutical company right now is where to store the vaccine and how to transport it to every part of the country without compromising its quality. Everyone knows the storage temperature plays a major role in the vaccine. The optimal range of temperature is required for the vaccine and if something, even by an inch, goes awry, it can alter the quality of the vaccine and leave it unaffected. It can eventually take a toll on the health of the citizens.

To cater to the requirements of the pharmaceutical companies, Anyspaze is working tirelessly to provide them a warehouse where they can store the vaccines without worrying about other factors. We at Anyspaze, provide shared warehousing, where pharmaceuticals can store the vaccines and their other equipment at the required environmental conditions. Providing the sub-freezing temperatures for the vaccine storage is a daunting task, although we are prepared for the ultra-cold storage freezers that can provide -20° C to -70° C.

We are a multi-tenant warehousing solution, which allows various healthcare manufacturers to share facilities and get better efficiency in the supply chain. In such a dire time, logistics is the backbone of the healthcare industry, which ensures the free flow of medicines, medical equipment, and other goods required for the functioning of the healthcare and hospitality sector.

Inventory Management

Inventory management is another major part of the supply chain, which will make sure the warehouse has enough vaccines or products to meet the needs of the hospitals. Our unit collects the data from the supply chain and with the help of IT systems as well as value-based models we can accurately link supply needed according to the demand. Our healthcare inventory team makes sure to organize the supplies of the vaccine and ensure the easy flow of the supply.

With the most advanced technology and infrastructure at Anyspaze, we can tackle all the problems with ease. The major challenge for any company is to maintain the sub-zero temperature conditions while transporting the vaccine. This logistical challenge can be overcome by using dry ice in the ultra-cold storage which can keep them cold during the transit. The freezers are equipped with monitors and sensors, which shows the temperature.

We have IoT enabled warehouses in Bengaluru, Gurgaon,and other regions of the country, which makes them more efficient and allows them to meet the need of the hour in terms of the supply of vaccines. They are highly equipped with multi-temperature-controlled facilities that ensure the excellent storage and transportation facility of highly sensitive products of the healthcare industry including vaccines and equipment.

Cold Chain Logistics

Our smart and technologically advanced warehouses are also equipped with cold chains, which have ultra-low temperature freezers. The cold chain logistics allows for the safe transport of the vaccine, which is temperature-sensitive. Without compromising the quality of the vaccine, we can transport the vaccines to the different parts of the country. With the help of smart technology, we can maintain the life-cycle of highly sensitive healthcare products.

The packaging of the vaccine and other healthcare products is special and different than any other item. They require special care and handling as well as distribution services. We are specialised with temperature-controlled logistics in which the product transports in a refrigerated vehicle which has high tech and advanced features. They can preserve the quality and integrity of the vaccine and healthcare products right from manufacturing to its final destination.

With our technology-driven and smart logistics solutions warehouses, we at Anyspaze can effectively do route planning, real-time tracking, and smart storage of the vaccine. We are well-prepared to face any kind of logistical challenges and are readily available with pallet capacity, aircraft, and GPS-enabled vehicles. With the monitoring and intervention capabilities, we are ready to take a lead for the storage and transportation of the COVID-19 vaccine with the pan India reach.

Anyspaze can play a major role on the front foot in the warehousing, inventory management, and logistics in the supply chain game. Our profound experience in warehousing and shipping of temperature-regulated freight helps us to serve the healthcare and hospitality sector in the best way. Anyspaze is prepared to handle and overcome the mega challenges of the healthcare industry.

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