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We are a leading warehouse provider for expanding your business. We offer powerful solutions including warehousing, inventory management and order fulfillment.

100% satisfied customers

Achieving 100% results with well planned order fulfillment techniques and smart inventory management solutions.


Quality Service affordable price

We are committed to delivering comprehensive services that are remarkable in terms of price, and quality.


Worldwide locations

Strengthen your business anytime, anyplace with our remarkable connected warehouses spread across major cities worldwide.


modern Vehicle Fleet

Distribute goods on time with our modern fleet equipped with the latest gadgets for real time surveillance.


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Accelerate your business with qualified experts from ANYSPAZE and scale your warehousing network worldwide.

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Pallet Leasing

Manage your goods efficiently throughout the supply chain with our industry-standard pallets that come in customized sizes, designs, and materials. Our professionals also record pallet movement with complete accuracy.


Cargo Moving

Get ready to load and ship your goods to any geographic location with our innovative logistics solutions. We guarantee the best, reliable and fastest route for all your cargo shipments.


Smartphone App

Smart and easy-to-use mobile applications for accurate data about inventory, shipping, and orders right at your fingertips. Monitor your warehouse productivity with real time reporting at any time from anywhere.


Vehicle Leasing

Save on your business costs by leasing fleet vehicles from ANYSPAZE at a lower monthly payment. All our fleet vehicles are well-equipped with useful gadgets promising a smoother driving experience.


24/7 Support

Our ability to offer uninterrupted and unmatched support services makes us the most trusted and reliable logistics service provider in the industry. Working with us guarantees complete peace of mind.


Cargo Tracking

Know all the whereabouts of your cargo throughout its journey with our standard tracking services. With cargo tracking functionality, you can notify your customers about the status of their shipments.

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General Faq's


On-demand warehousing and fulfillment is the flexible concept of renting extra or under-utilized warehouse space to other companies on a temporary contract basis. The concept is rightly embraced by leading companies like AirBnB and Uber. It can be termed as a cost-effective option for immediate warehouse needs.

Perhaps some of the best examples of on-demand fulfillment and warehousing providers include Ware2Go, Darkstore, Flexe, Flowspace, and Stord. All these well-established companies operate a wide network of warehouses globally and help merchants with immediate warehouse storage space along with valued services like packaging and shipping.

No, there are no minimum requirements to rent or lease a warehouse from ANYSPAZE. The entire process is handled efficiently by experienced professionals and will help you find the best warehouse space for your inventories at your desired location.

Pop-Up fulfillment is a logical solution for letting companies utilize excess warehouse capacity offered by other companies. For example, if the demand for specific product spikes during a particular season, the company can always pop-up an extra warehouse to stock the inventory.