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Cold Storage Services

A cold storage warehouse is slightly different from a regular warehouse as it comes with the ability to store sensitive items in an environment that is temperature-controlled. These warehouses serve a great purpose for helping in the prevention of spoilage or decaying of products that are sensitive to temperature. 

Anyspaze is well-known for its cold storage facilities that are located in strategic locations around the globe and are equipped with all sorts of modern facilities and amenities. The storage facilities boast ideal temperature parameters for taking utmost care of your specific goods that are generally set within a range of -25° and +25°C. 

Our conveniently located facilities allow our customers to obtain next-day services due to their strategic warehouse location. Anyspaze offers atmosphere-controlled conditions and long-term cold storage for fresh fruits and pharmaceutical goods. In addition to this, Anyspaze is recognized for its flexibility and agility in its operations in order to ensure that your business functions are aligned with our pace. 

We are your one-stop destination for taking care of all the goods and produce stored in cold storage facilities. Anyspaze’s cold storage warehouse fulfills a wide range of services for frozen, chilled, and ambient temperature goods and produce.

AWL India’s Integrated Cold Chain Cargo for Distribution

At the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, the global supply chain was drastically disrupted, and there were crucial challenges that the supply chain was facing. We facilitate the distribution of in-demand medicines, drugs, biochemicals, and pharmaceuticals seamlessly by orchestrating a nationwide distribution.

AWL India made use of the most accurate and reliable tracking information for managing the cycle of tracking, storing, and distributing millions of drugs and COVID-19 medical supplies in an enormous feat.

The software solutions of AWL for the enhancement of the supply chain for cold chain cargo proved to be more than essential for ensuring efficient vaccine distribution. The software solution named CHAKSU boasted a chain of custody with the help of an integrated dashboard and involved monitoring the location of the product at all times. It helped in calculating when the product would arrive at the next destination of the delivery cycle. 

Types of Cold Storage

Anyspaze offers a varied range of cold storage warehousing services from individual units to an entire dedicated facility as per your business needs. 

  • Refrigerated Warehousing 

Refrigerated warehousing consists of refrigerated containers that are the most basic and cost-effective of all the cold storage solutions. Anyspaze has got refrigerated storage containers that can carry small quantities of temperature-sensitive products. Being compact in size, these containers are best for flexibility of mobility. 

  • Blast Freezers and Chillers

If you are a big company that deals with the storage and cooling of food items, then you can get your hands on the best freezers and chillers from Anyspaze. These are ideal for your food storage requirements and would work perfectly for large restaurants and catering companies. 

  • Large Cold Rooms 

As the name suggests, a large room where you can store all your temperature-sensitive goods and products in a cold environment. These are basically larger alternatives to the options, such as refrigerated warehousing and blast freezers.

  • In-House Cold Storage Warehouse

These facilities are for manufacturers who demand to have their cold storage warehouse in-house. Anyspaze can offer you the equipment and facilities required to transfer the products manufactured in the unit to a dedicated on-site storage warehouse using a conveyor. 

  • Dedicated Personalized Cold Storage Warehouse Facilities

This goes without saying that each and every company has its own requirements based on the nature of the products they deal with. For example, hospitals and research institutes use packed cold storage warehouses as they deal with bio-pharmaceuticals, blood, and other things such as vaccines.

Multipurpose Cold Storage 

Anyspaze excels at offering enhanced cold storage services with our warehouses located at strategic locations to meet all your business requirements. We have got your back by facilitating the optimal environment for your inventory from ideal temperature to controlled moisture in order to drive the business forward. 

We are considered among the prominent service providers that are engaged in providing multipurpose cold storage. At Anyspaze, the multipurpose cold storage service is rendered by experts with years of experience in the industry so that impeccable facilities can be provided. This facilitates the appropriate storing and maintenance of fruits, vegetables, and other food items. 

We listen to each and every detail and requirement of yours and bring a personalized solution that fits best with your needs. Our services vouch for flexibility, timeliness, and, most importantly, reliability. Above all, the multipurpose cold storage services offered by Anyspaze are available to incorporate at the most reasonable prices.

Pharmaceutical Cold Storage

If you are dealing in the pharmaceutical sector, then it is clear to you how important it is to ensure the perfect environment for biological drugs. The reason behind this is that these biological drugs are highly delicate and sensitive to temperature. The compromise in the atmospheric conditions for storing the product can lead to a loss of millions of dollars in revenue and delay in the delivery of drugs to patients. 

There is certainly no denying the fact that the cold storage pharmaceutical business is extremely critical. It requires a range of facilities such as labs and clean rooms, chillers and freezers, electric and mechanical works, pharmaceutical storage containers, drainage installations, and other equipment. Anyspaze takes care of all the requirements ranging from the construction process, service and maintenance, and ensuring optimum hygiene conditions. 

Our pharma cold storage facilities are highly regulated and function strictly with tight tolerances for the maintenance of temperature. In addition to this, our controlled fleet of vehicles facilitates the serving of a wide range of products and markets ranging from food to pharmaceutical industries. 

We are updated with the latest technological developments, and hence, we incorporate state-of-the-art advancements into businesses. Our cold storage pharmaceutical facilities are backed by a software program installed along with sensors that measure the temperature every 10 minutes of the storage of these products. The alarm system alerts all the employees if conditions are not within the restricted parameters. 

All the experts at Anyspaze are dedicated to providing your business with professional refrigerated transport logistics and storage solutions. The solutions are going to be tailored to your business needs, and our coles storage pharmaceutical services strengthen the pharma supply chain by helping clients manage the risks.