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Order Processing Fulfillment

With the growth of e-Commerce platforms, companies are poised with many challenges including fulfilling a high volume of orders directly to the end customers. Supported by a professional team of experts, we at ANYSPAZE strive to adopt innovative solutions to ensure quick and steadfast delivery of the goods to your valued customers directly or to the distribution center.

We guarantee immediate dispatch of the orders placed and use the most convenient & efficient mode of transportation for speedy delivery. We maintain complete transparency by allowing your customers to access real-time tracking information of their orders through our online portals, which can be accessed from anywhere.

Order processing management is the end-to-end cycle of receiving and processing orders through to fulfillment. The process completely relies on every entity of your organization right from the warehouse to packaging the goods and through to distribution centers. When implemented accurately, order processing management ensures the smooth and efficient functioning of the business, thus maintaining customer satisfaction and enhancing the company's brand value.

Stats & Charts

Whether sending medical equipment to bigger hospitals or fulfilling pharmacy stock orders, the healthcare industry (48%) has always demanded unique needs for order fulfillment. In addition, to live tracking and reporting, the sector also has unique needs for temperature controlled warehouses. The Electronics industry (18%) and the Food sector(12%) both also completely depend on order processing fulfillment for the smooth running of their operations and ensuring business continuity. The cosmetics industry does require order processing fulfillment but at a very less percentage (9%) while the remaining 13% is being occupied by the retail industry. Regardless of which industry you operate, we are equipped to handle all your warehouse demands and guarantee satisfactory order processing fulfillment with no errors and at a reduced cost. We understand how crucial it is to fulfill orders in a timely manner and therefore guarantee top-class services to meet your business goals.

How It Works?

Order Fulfillment Process involves receiving orders, packing items, and shipping them online to the customers. Merchants can either process the fulfillment in-house or hand it over to a third-party logistics. The third-party logistics company will provide storage, manpower, and technology to fulfill the orders effectively. Following are the steps involved in Order Processing fulfillment


It involves accepting the incoming inventory from suppliers or manufacturers. Once the inventories are accepted, the items should be inspected and counted. The new SKUs should be added to the inventory and should be included in the records.

Storing the inventory

The inventories should be stored in an organized SKU bin so that only the right items are picked and packed.


Once an online order is placed, the processing begins. To ensure the right picking items should be easily located. The right item and the right quantity should be picked from the inventory.


All the picked items should be packed with a protective wrap so that they are not damaged during transit.


If the order is being filled in-house then the items should be shipped from the local UPS store or the post office. If order fulfillment is outsourced, shipping carriers will pick the items.

Why Us?

Our order processing fulfillment process provides full-cycle visibility into your inventory based at different locations while keeping the shipping costs low. With robust tracking and management, the orders are processed quickly, filled accurately, verified for quality, and shipped on-time to the right location. ANYSPAZE order fulfillment lets you meet your customer expectations by streamlining the product shipment process and order date.

Efficient deliveries

A powerful order fulfillment system allows you to manage inventory from multiple locations and ensure that the products are efficiently delivered on-time


Since automation through computer-controlled systems are not vulnerable to such human issues, leveraging them can increase the productivity & accuracy of the order fulfillment

Extended visibility

Order fulfilment gives you increased visibility across every entity of your inventory and helps in accelerating the operations at a faster rate

Improvised margins

Optimising your margins by applying FIFO rules can greatly help you in fulfilling orders faster, keep track of inventory and much more.

Key benefits

Order fulfillment drives efficiency

Automation saves costs on the manual workforce and decreases the risk of human error in fulfilling the orders or preparing the invoices. The saved amount of time can be significantly used in achieving other goals of your organization

Order fulfillment saves from over selling

Overselling not just lowers the customer satisfaction rate but also hampers the company’s brand value. By distributing data in real-time, common issues like low inventory and improper orders are reduced.

Order fulfillment ensures great data control

Thanks to the real time data, companies are able to meet the demand-supply at a much faster rate. Errors or delays in order fulfillment are kept at bay giving more room for accomplishing other important tasks of the organization.