Which Warehouse Storage Options Are Right For You?


This goes without saying that the initial step that must be taken in order to craft a warehouse that is entirely functional and organized is to get your hands on the best storage system. Well, as easy as it might seem to you, selecting the right storage system is a strategic task. Warehouse storage systems are considered a major capital investment that depends entirely on your requirements and type of business.  

You can always choose from the best warehousing companies in India, such as Anyspaze, to get your hands on the best warehousing solutions. In this article, we will be discussing the best warehouse storage options you should consider before selecting the right warehouse for your company.  

Best Warehouse Storage Options

Pallet Racking  

Pallet racking systems are widely used for the busiest and largest warehouses and are most commonly treated as the centerpiece of the entire operation. These systems are generally made of wood, metal, or even plastic and are capable of holding inventory that is acquired in large boxes. You can choose from a variety of sub-categories of pallet racking systems offered to you by Anyspaze, including carton-flow racking, drive-in racking, cantilever racking, and double-deep racking, drive-through racking, and coil racking. In addition to this, it involves mobile racking, push-back racking, vertical racking, high-bay racking, narrow aisle racking, and shuttle racking.  

Static Shelving  

Static Shelving, as the name might give you a clear hint, are storage mechanisms that are designed in such a way that they stay in one place. As this type of shelving is not readily compatible with forklifts, it is utilized with inventory that requires manual picking, placing, or organization. Simply, this shelving is most commonly used for storing inventory that requires continuous replenishment.  

Wire Partitions

Wire Partitions involve the placements of wire cages with the responsibility of holding inventory. These partitions can generally be installed quickly, making them an ideal solution. In addition to this, it should be noted that these partitions allow the holding of large items such as tires.


A mezzanine can be simply understood as an extra level of warehouse space that is constructed within your facility. Consider it as adding a second floor inside your warehouse, which ultimately increases the amount of space that you can utilize for storage and other activities. It should be laid an emphasis on that adding a mezzanine to your facility can be a cost-intensive procedure. However, it will still be less expensive than having a new construction.  

Mobile Shelving  

Mobile shelving, as the name suggests, is a fully adjustable warehousing solution that you can find at the best eCommerce fulfillment center, Anyspaze. In this type of shelving, the shelves are mounted on carriage and rail systems, eliminating fixed aisles and increasing productivity by making the inventory more accessible. What adds more to the value of mobile shelving is the fact that these designs typically include level tracks that can either be manual or mechanized.

Multi-Tier Racking  

Multi-tier racking has emerged as a good choice for large stocks of items that have small unit sizes and is a system that is designed in order to capitalize on vertical space. As you must know that no warehouse is made in such a way that it fits all, and that’s why a lot of multi-tier racking options are flexible. In order to reap the most out of this warehouse storage system, incorporated by Anyspaze, the best warehouse clothing storage solutions provider, you need to organize each tier strategically. Additionally, you need to pack the items stored as densely as it is possible while paying attention to the weight limits.

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