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If you are a shipper and have been in the industry for quite a long time, you might have realized that getting on board with a third-party logistics provider (3PL) is beneficial. It leads to enhanced efficiencies and cost savings and allows shipment companies to lay an emphasis on their core competencies.  

A third-party logistics provider offers a wide range of services which makes it specifically crucial to get your hands on the right one. That’s why it is important to get in touch with the best 3PL logistics company in India, such as Anyspaze. It’s because of the presence of experts onboard dedicated to providing services aligned to your business requirements.

Anyspaze is a specialist firm that excels in providing a range of services dealing with distribution, storage, transport, and fulfillment of goods to customers. You can rely on Anyspaze for offering end-to-end management of particular services.  

There is certainly no denying the fact that the 3PL providers are a vital part of supply chain management, and they are utilized by a vast majority of large businesses around the world.

In this article, we will be discussing the different types of third-party logistics services that are offered by third-party logistics providers.

Services Offered by 3PL Companies


The third-party logistics services based on transportation are focused on the transportation of goods from one place to another. However, it should be noted that they can also extend to provide a comprehensive set of logistics services. One of the best 3rd party logistics companies, Anyspaze, also makes arrangements for the unification, deconsolidation, management, and transportation of goods.

Third-party logistics that are leveraged use other firms' assets to complete their services. Talking about the non-leveraged 3PLs, they make use of the assets that belong solely to the parent company.  




Good 3pl service providers offer a transport management system and integrated freight management services in order to eliminate heavy processes and unmanageable features. We also manage carrier relations for the ongoing rate maintenance and negotiation.


What adds more to the value of the services is the fact that they provide insights such as freight data and matrix reports in order to get our hands on enhanced visibility and authority of future logistics results.  

Warehousing and Distribution  

Some 3PL service providers such as Anyspaze cover you with a range of services such as warehousing and distribution. The firm is backed by experts with years of experience in the field and who offer a range of services such as inventory management, providing storage and fulfilling requirements, order fulfillment, stock rotation, return services, and most importantly, reverse logistics.  

You can get in touch with Anyspaze if you want to get your hands on temporary storage for storing your goods in warehouses.  

Forwarder-based Third-Party Logistics Services  

Freight forwarders are also known as intermediaries, who typically are non-asset owners. They are basically responsible for overseeing the transportation of products from the initial shipping location to the final destination of the products.  

Financial and Information-Based 3PL Services

You will have to deal with finance when it comes to these kinds of services. The best financial-based 3PLs will provide freight payment and auditing along with cost accounting and control. Get in touch with Anyspaze today and get access to tools that are dedicated to monitoring, tracking, booking, tracing, and overall managing inventory.  

Discussing the information-based third-party logistics services, these services are based on the internet and are a crucial part of third-party logistics operations. It should be laid an emphasis on the fact that these services are focused on B2B operations and make use of the electronic markets. It is done in order to facilitate transportation and logistics services.  

A third-party logistics company will help alleviate your day-to-day stress, and the experts will create a logistics strategy that will lead your business to growth and success.

The benefits of getting on board with one of the best 3pl companies in India include lower costs, consistent capacity, visibility and reporting, consultative partnership, and whatnot. Get in touch with Anyspaze today and let the experts handle all your logistics, supply chain, warehousing, and inventory management requirements.  

We will identify your business needs and requirements and will provide solutions that will be tailored to them.

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