After COVID-19-4 Reasons Why 3PLs Are More Important For India Pharmaceutical Industry


Since COVID-19 impacted the lives of all of us drastically, the existing supply chain system for the pharmaceutical industry and the construction of a robust healthcare system supply chain system are crucial.  

Prior to the strike of the COVID-19 pandemic situation, the Indian companies were focused on interconnected and lean supply chain systems to alleviate the gaps via increased efficiency of supply chains. The coming of the Coronavirus pandemic exposed a lot of Indian firms from different sectors to SCDs, Severe Supply Chain Disruptions. The major reason behind the onset of SCDs was the undiscovered supply chain susceptibilities.

The pharmaceutical industry was no exception, as the logistics firms involved in the process of movement, storage, and supply of goods were directly impacted by the pandemic.  

This was where the need, requirement, and value of third-party logistics and supply chain firms were realized as they emerged as chieftains. Back in the time when everything was shutting down and borders were ceased, the third-party logistics firms enabled their accumulated manufacturer-retailer networks to quickly link manufacturers and retailers worldwide in order to increase the efficiency of the supply chain by providing ILPS.

There are five major reasons why Pharmaceutical companies tend to outsource their logistics requirements to 3pl companies in India, and they are:

1. It saves the overall cost related to logistics

2. Flexible pricing opportunities

3. Access to a broad range of skillful and trained personnel

4. Gain continued and early access to the most advanced technologies and processes.

5. Fast Standardization or Globalization

Why 3PL Companies Are More Crucial For The Pharma Sector Of India

Logistics Planning, Managing, And Execution

3PL companies, such as Anyspaze, one of the best pharma logistics companies in India, excel at practically implementing and executing state-of-the-art strategies in the business processes. Anyspaze is the best 3PL logistics company that takes care of each and every process in your organization ranging from inventory management to facilitating last-mile deliveries and ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. As the experts are involved, and the processes are backed by advanced tech-based solutions, the pharmaceutical industry keeps on performing better and better.  

Reduced Complexity Surrounding Supply Chain

As Anyspaze is leading the space of supply chain management in the healthcare industry in India, it strives to fix and reduce the complicatedness surrounding the supply chain. This further leads to increased profitability and is advantageous to the increasing demand for the goods at both the domestic and international levels.

Reduction Of Cost

The incorporation of the services provided by 3PL companies helps in reducing the overall costs. Anyspaze, one of the best pharma logistics companies in India, provides customized solutions that are tailored to the supply chain and logistics requirements of your company. In addition to this, Anyspaze provides you with the flexibility of shared warehousing, which further facilitates the utilization of resources and reduction of the cost of the services availed.

Flexible Solutions

Anyspaze provides fast, flexible, and cost-effective warehousing, logistics, and supply chain solutions for clients that allow the growth of companies and businesses exponentially. The firm is well-known for offering scalable and flexible solutions for storage and logistics with high efficiency.  


Anyspaze is leading the supply chain management in the healthcare industry in India, and it is your one-stop destination if you intend to step up your business and keep pace with the ever-evolving digital business landscape. We offer completely tailored and customized solutions in order to fuel the growth of your business and we take pride in addressing that we are a leading expert in offering high-quality inventory management solutions.  

Anyspaze is a tech-driven company, and we utilize the latest technologies to enhance your business processes. In addition to this, it should be noted that we bring solutions such as on demand warehousing, live tracking with mobile applications, state-of-the-art inventory management, and other services oriented to scaling your business on the global digital landscape.  

Our vast network of warehouses allows you to reach out to your customers faster and with more accuracy as our warehouses are located in the most strategic locations. The team backing Anyspaze is dedicated to bringing a revolution in the healthcare logistics and supply chain industry with their experience and expertise.

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