Warehouse And Inventory Management For E-Commerce In India


With The Dramatic Increase In The E-Commerce Adoption Forced By COVID-19 Restrictions And Other Things, There Has Arisen A Need For Ensuring Faster Delivery Of Orders To Customers. In Addition To This, The Outsourcing Of Business Operations Has Contributed Tremendously To The Increased Possibilities Of Growth In The Warehousing Sector.

There Is No Denying The Fact That It Was Already Predicted That The Demand For Warehousing Was Definitely Going To Grow Due To The Increased Demand Through ECommerce. Since COVID-19 Struck The Normal Lives Of People, There Has Been A Drastic Alteration In Their Shopping Ways And Preferences.  

As A Result Of Being Forced Into Their Homes, People Even From Areas With Not Much Connectivity And Coverage, Are Using Online Shopping Platforms. Well, This Leads Us To One Simple Thing That The Warehousing Companies Must Be Facing Surged Demands.

Warehousing And Logistics Company, Anyspaze, A Company That Has Managed To Gain A Notable Position In The Market Is Among The Top Warehousing Companies In India. The Company Provides Best-In-Class ECommerce Fulfillment Services India And Has Recently Revealed That They Have Never Felt The Need For Expansion At This Scale.

Even Though Around 40% Of The Indian Population Has Access To The Internet, Only 11% Of The Total Population In 7 Major Cities Of India Contributes To The Total Revenue Of E-Commerce In India.  


As The Demand For The ECommerce Sector Will Increase, We Will Also Notice An Increase In The Need For Hiring Services From Third-Party Logistics, Warehouse, And Inventory Management Providing Companies Like Anyspaze.


It Should Be Noted That Warehousing Is A Crucial Piece Of The Supply Chain Of Your Business And Specifically ECommerce As It Saves A Lot Of Money And Time And Ensures 100% Customer Satisfaction.

Understanding ECommerce Warehousing

Basically, ECommerce Warehousing Refers To The Process Of The Storage Of Physical Goods Before They Are Sold Online. The Process Of Warehousing Involves The Safety And Security Of Storing The Products Along With The Ability To Track Where The Items Are Located In The Warehouse.  

Anyspaze Solves This Issue With The Incorporation Of Its Inventory Tracking System Where You Will Have The Ability To Track Where The Items Are Located In Your Warehouse, And Other Details Like When They Arrived At The Warehouse, How Long They Have Been In The Warehouse, And The Quantity.

E-Commerce Warehouse Management Stands For Warehouse Operations That Are Carried Out On A Daily Basis. They Include Operations Such As:  

1- Training And Handling The Staff In The Warehouse

2- Managing Inventory, Safety Of The Warehouse, And Equipment

3- Establishing And Maintaining Relationships With Shipping Carriers

4- Keeping The Products In The Warehouse Safe And Tamper-Free

5- Predicting The Volume Of Shipments And Demand Of Labor

6- Acquiring All Kinds Of Necessary Certifications And Licensing

7- Scaling Operations As The Business Expands

8- Staying Updated With Proper Regulations Of Safety

9- Keeping A Record Of Daily Inbound And Outbound Shipments

Well, It Should Be Noted That The Operations Are Not Limited To These Processes Only, There Are Many More. An Effective Warehouse Management System And Structure Requires A Lot Of Time And Resources Go Into Effective Ecommerce Warehouse Management. However, Some Businesses Do Not Get The Point That Managing All Of This By Themself Will Only Divert Them From Promoting Growth Of Their Business.  

That’s The Prime Reason Why There Arises A Need To Get Involved With A Third Party Logistics And Warehousing Services Providing Company As They Will Ease The Burden Of Your Shoulders.  

As A Result, You Can Focus More On Growing Your Business And Designing Strategies That Can Contribute To The Overall Profitability Of Your Organization.

Here’s How Warehousing And Inventory Management Services Can Benefit You

There Are A Lot Of Benefits Of Hiring A Warehousing And Inventory Management Service Provider For Your Ecommerce Business As They Can Assist Businesses Of All Sizes. The Major Benefits That Anyspaze Can Provide You With Are:

1. Faster Shipment - In Today’s Era, People Tend To Expect A Shorter Delivery Time. Online Shoppers Are Always Looking For Options Where They Can Find Same Day Or Two-Day Delivery.  

Anyspaze Assists Your Business By Helping You Distributing Your Inventory To Multiple Locations Of Warehouses Across The Country. All Thanks To The Vast Network Of Anyspaze. This Will Ensure Customer Satisfaction As The Orders Will Be Delivered Faster.

2. Improved Allignment And Arrangement -  Storing The Goods Is A Concern Which Can Be Solved By A Warehouse, But Organization Of Products In A Warehouse Require Some Set Strategies To Be Effective. The Anyspaze’s Ecommerce Warehousing And Inventory Management Can Bring A Drastic Improvement In The Accuracy Of Inventory Tracking And Also Prevents Losing Items.

3. Time And Money Saving - Time Is Money, And Nobody Understands It Better Than The Ecommerce Merchants As For Them, Time Is The Most Precious Resource. The Efficiency And Credibility Of Their Business Depends On How Much Time You Spend On Searching For A Particular Product Through The Piles Of Products. Saving The Time Will Eventualll Lead You To Saving Money.

4. Reduced Stress - There Are Lot Of Other Tasks That Are Involved With Ecommerce Warehousinng That Goes Beyond Just Shelving Products Such As Laundry. Incorporating An Enhanced And More Organized Process Into Your Warehouse Will Be A Huge Relief. In Addition To This, With Anyspaze, You Will Be Assured Of One Thing, Which Is Your Products Is In Safe Hands.

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