Best Shared Warehousing Services Near Sea Port In India


Warehouses Are Essential For Almost Every Business To Store Its Supply Of Goods. Hence The Benefits Of Having A Warehouse Near A Seaport Are Just Immense. India Has 12 Major Ports And Around 190 Non-Major Ports. In Fact, The Shipping Ministry Is All Geared Up To Set Up Product-Specific Warehouses And Silos At Various Ports In Order To Reduce Storage Losses.  

Some Of These Ports Offer Multi-Client Warehousing Services Or Shared Warehousing Spaces That Enable Businesses To Cut Down On Their Expenses Heavily By Paying Only For Space And Labor Utilized.  

Again, The Proximity To The Sea Makes For A Fantastic Location Allowing Ease Of Access And Helps Expedite The Initial Processes Of Loading And Transfer To Warehouses In A Smoother And Easier Way.

That Being Said, Here Are A Few Benefits Of Opting For A Shared Warehousing Space Near A Seaport In India

 Extremely Cost Effective

The Warehousing Industry In India Is Pegged At USD 7.8 Billion And Is Expected To Grow At 10 % Annually. With Warehouses In Demand And A Shared Warehousing Concept In The Running, You Can Find Cost-Effective Warehouses With Anyspaze That Allow You To Share The Space With Other Companies. In Other Words, Space Becomes A Variable Factor And You Only Have To Pay For Space And Labor Used. This Helps You Cut Down On Extra Expenses And You Can Instead Invest This Money In Other Vital Areas Of Business.

● Expert Handling

Since Shared Warehouses Mean That A Lot Of Functions And Operations Are Outsourced To A 3PL Provider, It Throws A Considerable Portion Of The Burden Off Your Shoulders. We Have A Team Of Experts Possessing The Knowledge Of Several Years And Expertise In Handling Products Under Various Niches, You Can Rely On Anyspaze To Manage Your Processes. This, In Turn, Enables You To Focus On The Core Functioning Of Your Business.

● Most Conducive And Strategic Locations

For Ages, Warehouses Have Been Generally Established Near Seaports And Commercial Centers. The Biggest Advantage Of This Is That It Enables Easy Loading And Unloading Of The Goods Directly From The Seaport. Anyspaze Warehouses Also Calls For Swift Transfer To The Warehouses. When The Initial Process Is Expedited, The Processes That Follow Thereafter Take Place Even More Easily And Rapidly. Again, The Ports Help Actively Stimulate The Large-Scale Labor Needed To Run A Multi-Client Warehousing Business. This Enhances The Flexible Labor Supply Conditions, Smooth Customs Formalities, Etc.

● Easy Distribution

We Already Spoke About Outsourcing Important Operations. But How Does A Shared Warehousing Service Near A Seaport Help You Do The Same? The Strategic Location Makes Ports Competitive Areas For Distribution And At The Same Time We Help You To Prepare In The Form Of Consolidation Centers For Export Cargo. Thus, It Becomes An Inlet For Easy Access And Distribution.


We Offer Several Advantages Of Shared Warehousing Near Seaport Which Include Special Storage Facilities For Specific Goods, Temperature-Controlled Storage, Top-Notch Security, Etc. Making The Ports One Of The Most Highly Sought After Locations For Setting Up A Warehouse

Are You On A Hunt To Find A Warehouse? Or Looking For A Warehouse That Can Provide Such Services On A Sharing Basis? We Have Got You Covered! You Can Find The Best Warehousing Solutions At Anyspaze Along With The Modern Technologies And World-Class Facilities That Help Your Business To Grow.

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