What Is Causing The Increase In Demand For Cold Warehouse Storage


COVID-19 has certainly altered the way a majority of people shop for food, and it is melting the frost that had settled over warehouses that deal with cold storage. The mark of COVID-19 pandemic led to a surge in demand for industrial properties, specifically warehouses. Even though cold storage warehouses and refrigerators were once considered unattractive investments, the demand for them shot up really quickly during the time of pandemic and specifically in highly populated sections of the country. 

But what is majorly driving the warehouse industry growth? Well, it is the surging demand for perishable food items and the growth in the cold chain infrastructure. Other factors that are contributing to the growth of cold chain warehousing are technological advancements and innovations that are brought upon the cold storage facilities, the development and implementation of more efficient technologies for the processing and storage of food products, and new packaging techniques and materials. 



In this article, we will ponder upon the factors that are driving the surge in demand for cold storage warehouses.


Factors Contributing to the Surge in Demand for Cold Storage Warehouses

COVID-19 Pandemic

One of the key drivers of the surge in demand is food, as due to the pandemic, consumers have tried to avoid customers over the last two years. This was one of the major reasons for the need for cold storage facilities to be situated near major population centers. Another reason is the drastic shift of consumers to healthy, fresh, and sustainable food that includes more fruits, vegetables, and seafood that have a short shelf life. 

In addition to this, it should be noted that a major segment of the population is stocking up on certain food items that can be frozen for an extended period of time, which is placing extra pressure on available cold storage spaces. 

What added more to the astronomical surge in demand for cold storage warehousing was the rise in the number of companies in need of refrigerated space in order to store raw materials that are utilized in order to facilitate the production of vaccines and other drugs. 


The surge in the Demand for Convenience Foods

Convenience foods include salmon, tuna, canned beans, several cooked meals and sauces, washed greens, etc. This is the major reason why there has been a meteoric rise in the preference for frozen bakery and confectionery products, which led to market growth and stimulated the need for efficient storage facilities in the cold chain. There is certainly no denying that maintaining the quality of confectionery products and frozen bakery is highly dependent on storage, packaging, and cooling. 

Facilitating the incorporation and processing of goods that are temperature-sensible has certainly become a major segment of supply chain management. 

Technological Advancements and Lower Energy Consumption

We need not state the fact that warehouses that are temperature-controlled are really sensitive due to incredibly high energy consumption, ventilation, and cooling systems. However, recent advancements in the cold storage industry have resulted in reduced energy consumption.

The optimization of this energy usage and monitoring refrigeration equipment in cold storage facilities is critical for facilitating the reduction of expenses and enhancing food safety while elevating operational efficiency. Cold storage chain technologies have been advancing rapidly, and they are driven by the surging need to ensure the efficiency, integrity, and safety of shipments. 


Shift to Online Shopping Preferences

Online food sales surged up around 85% in the past year, leading not just to a need for more cold room space but to facilities that are closer to population city centers. The rising shift in preference to shopping online for groceries, perishable products, and meals has resulted in the surging requirement for retailers in order to facilitate the expansion of their cold storage facilities. 

Larger cold storage facility options carry the potential to facilitate enhanced delivery and supply to end users. If you are searching for the best warehouse for food storage, then you must get in touch with Anyspaze. Anyspaze is one of the leading providers of cold storage warehousing solutions that are aimed at offering you the best-in-class services at the most reasonable rates. 


Packaging and Transportation Materials

Materials have a vital role to play in the storage and transportation of food, chemicals, beverages, perishables, and healthcare products, specifically those that are required to be in refrigerated trailers or insulated containers. It goes without saying that the surging demand for refrigerated goods has also laid an impact on the firms that are responsible for the transportation of these products worldwide. 

Being one of the best food logistics companies in India, Anyspaze offers completely integrated project management services, including cold chain distribution systems and warehouses. Get in touch with Anyspaze to get your hands on the best warehousing services. 

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