Warehouse Inventory Picking Strategies To Improve Your Supply Chain


One Of The Most Crucial Activities In A Typical Warehouse Is Warehouse Inventory Management. This Is By Far One Of The Biggest And Most Important Aspects In The Management Of The Final Supply Chain As Well. It Has Been Found From The Latest Statistics That 27% Of The Businesses Plan To Have Higher Inventory Along The Supply Chain. A Probe Into Various Warehousing Processes Like Warehouse Design, Storage, Route Optimization, Order Collection, Picking, Etc. Has Reasonably Increased In The Recent Years. As A Result Of Which, The Businesses Are Prepping Up To Optimize The Inventory Picking Process By Implementing Some Of The Valuable Strategies To Bring About Overall Improvements In The Entire Supply Chain.

With The Onset Of 2021 And The Improvements Made In The Supply Chain And Inventory Management Due To The Global Outbreak, Inventory Control Managers More Than Ever Have Become Conscious Of The Way In Which The Products And Supplies Are Being Picked. Since Each Warehouse Is Different In Terms Of Layout, The Inventory Picking Strategy Also Should Not Be Thought Of In Terms Of One-Size-Fits-All. Based On The Layout, Products, And Equipment Being Used, Here Are Some Of The Effective Strategies That Can Facilitate Smooth Picking Of The Inventory At A Warehouse:

•    Zone Picking

This Is The Most Effective For Warehouses Having A Diverse Inventory. Here The Warehouse Is Divided Into Multiple Locations And Areas. With The Sizable Amount Of Labor Assigned To Each Of The Zones, These Workers Are Entrusted With The Task Of Picking Items For That Particular Zone.

How Does This Work? In A Warehouse Where Automation Is At The Very Core, Zone Picking Can Help Divide The Facility Into Sections Based On Seasonal Demands, Product Market, And Other Factors. It Becomes Even More Helpful When Warehouses Have A Centralized Conveyor Belt Helping The Circulation Near All Zones That Can Be Benefited From The Zone Picking Strategy.

•    Batch Picking

Batch Picking Involves Workers Moving Through The Warehouse, Preparing For Multiple Orders Within The Same Time Frame. This Leads Them To Collect Items For Diverse Clients Or Production In A Single Trip., Working From 

A Consolidated Pick List. Saving About 50% Of The Time Saved On Travel, Batch Picking Is Faster And Reduces Multiple Trips To Different Areas.

Ideal For Large Warehouses, Batch Picking Works Best With An Automation System. With Mobile Devices, The Warehouse Management Can View Inventory Details And Progress Reports. 

•     Wave Picking

An Amalgamation Of Both Zone And Wave Picking, Wave Picking Involves The Employees Moving Through The Whole Of The Warehouse Picking Multiple Items From Different Zones Within The Same Time Frame. The Products Picked Are Segregated For The Individual Orders At A Later Stage.

•     Voice Picking

Thanks To The Advanced Technology And Digitization That The Companies Are Now Resorting To Voice Picking For Inventory. Using A Headset And Mobile Service, Tasks Can Be Performed And Items Can Be Picked In No Time. With Vocal Instructions Delivered To The Workers Via The Headset, Voice Picking Works The Best When Accompanied By Other Picking Strategies.


Be It Any Picking Strategy That You Deploy, Automation Should Reside At The Very Core Which Is The Need Of The Hour. The Whole Idea Is To Improve The Speed, Efficiency, And Functioning Of Your Workforce Which Makes The Subsequent Processes Faster And Easier, Thereby Aiding The Process Of Distribution In Supply Chain Management.

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