Key Tips To Improve Your Order Fulfilment Process


Being An E-Commerce Brand, There Is One Slip That You Cannot Afford Which Is A Negative Delivery Experience. If Any Of Your Customers Have Cringed At How Less Than Ideal Their Delivery Experience With You Had Been, It Is Time To Revise Your Order processing Fulfillment Strategy. So, Let Us First Understand The Concept Of Order Fulfilment And Its Process. 

Order Fulfilment Is The Name Devoted To The Entire Method Which Begins From The Point When A Customer Sale Takes Place, Right To The Last-Mile Delivery To Get Your Customers The Things They Opted For. This Involves A Series Of Processes Like Processing, Packing, Shipping, Dispatching, And Delivering, Often Aided By Third-Party Support. So Even While The Basic Tenets Remain The Same, Your Order Fulfilment Strategy Can Vary Based On The Orders.

Here Is The Detailed Information About What You Can Do To Pace Up Your Order Fulfilment Strategy In The Coming Year:


1- Ensure End-To-End Visibility

If Your Orders Are Sourced From Multiple Distributors, You Need To Ensure Seamless Integration. “Typically Order Ships In 3 To 5 Weeks” Is A Dreadful Message To Your Customers And Integrating Your Suppliers By Means Of An Order Management System Is Essential. While The Processes Are Taking Place At Their Own Pace, A Top-Notch Visibility Throughout Is Required. This Includes Coordinating Well With The Suppliers.

All The Parties Involved Should Have Access To The Same Inventory, Catalogue, And Order Fulfilment Process To Ascertain The Quantity And Location Of The Delivery.

2- Get The Right Shipper

Streamlining The Technical Operations Might Be A Task But The Real Speed-Bump Is Shipping. An Under Performing Shipper Is A Big No To The Overall Reputation Of Your Brand. To Prevent This, Evaluate The Performance Of Your Shipper By Checking Their Past Record And Choose Accordingly. 

3- Mind The Location

Location Is Important Both The Ways Such As Where You Ship To And From Where You Ship. Customers Appreciate Fast And Reasonable Deliveries; However, Slow Shipping Is A Potential Drawback For The Company. To Expedite The Process, Minimize The Shipping Zones Your Average Package Travels. This Will Bring Down The Cost Of Shipping And Save Time Leading To Faster Deliveries.

4- Personalize Customer Experience

If The Order Is Custom-Made, Or A Gift-Wrapped Product, A More Hands-On Approach Is Needed To Handle It With Care Due To Its Fragile Nature. The Onus Is On The Entire Supply Chain To Ensure Safe Delivery Without Risking Damage To The Item (S). While Outsourcing Comes With A Lot Of Risks And Being Able To Do It On Your Own Gives You The Assurance Of Safe Delivery To Your Customers.

5- Keep Your Customers In The Loop

Right From Placing The Order To Its Delivery, Updating Your Customers At Every Touch-Point With SMS And Email Is A Great Way To Communicate With Them. It Is Essential For Your Brand Value And Customer Satisfaction.

Your Order Fulfilment Strategy Should Be Taken As A Synonym For The Customer Satisfaction Fulfilment Process. If Done Correctly And Appropriately, It Can Enhance The Customer Experience And Gain Your Customers For Life!

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