How Crucial Is It To Implement The Proper eCommerce Fulfillment Strategy


As per some studies conducted, it has been revealed that the global eCommerce industry is highly expected to hit the mark of $5 trillion in sales by the fall of 2022. If you are a person with an online business, then you are required to prepare for even more demand over the next year and figure out a way to meet that requirement via eCommerce fulfillment. You must note that a solid eCommerce fulfillment strategy will definitely prove to be a lot of help in efficiently shipping and delivering your products to your customers. This will help in the elevation of the overall reputation of your store and could be the reason behind a rise in sales as customers would be happy to purchase from you again. 

There is clearly no denying the fact that order fulfillment might not be considered the most glamorous part of running an eCommerce business. However, it should be noted that order fulfillment is a function that lays a direct impact on the overall success of the online merchant. In this article, we will be discussing why it is extremely important to facilitate the implementation of a proper eCommerce fulfillment strategy. 

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What Exactly is an Order Fulfillment Process

The process of order fulfillment includes various processing of digital marketing, and it should be noted that in each cycle, the process functions will tend to improve the preciseness in order to provide perfect service for their clients. This is a process that contains multiple steps, including receiving, inventory storage, order processing, shipping, and returns processing. 

All of these are considered the key elements of the process of order fulfillment and certainly the primary part of their process. Each segment of this cycle tends to work together in order to provide a product to the customers in accordance with their requirements. Anyspaze is well-known as the best eCommerce fulfillment India


The process of receiving can be considered the beginning of the order cycle, and in this process, the customer will send a request for a product via the online purchasing channel. The vendor will further receive the product from their inventory and facilitate the shipment of the product to the following process for further processing, leading to the delivery of the product to the customer.


Understanding the Order Fulfillment Procedure

If you are stepping new to the fulfillment world, then your must be aware of the fact that you might not have put much thought into how an order created online ends up at your doorstep. However, there are several moving pieces, such as routing and managing inventory, in order to choose adequate packaging for the least practical dimensional weight. This sums up the entire process of fulfillment. 


You must note that an inventory is required before you can choose to fulfill orders from your online sales channels. If there are choices to fulfill orders in-house, your inventory is required to be on hand. If you consider yourself an outsourcing fulfillment, inventory is required to be sent to the provider that is going to fulfill on your behalf. 

Inventory Storage

This step deals with the organization, arrangement, and storage of the associated products with your business. You must note that each of the unique products is required to have a separate dedicated storage location. Adequate inventory storage is aimed at keeping your products secure and safeguarded and helps provide you visibility into what is available to facilitate shipping to your customers.

Order Processing

The order processing step will occur following the submission of an order. These steps include picking or retrieval of items from where they are stored and packing or facilitating the situation of getting the order ready to ship. After all the procedures are involved, a shipping label is required to be added to the package. 


Once the order has been processed properly and is ready to send, the merchant must be shipped. This might include a run to the local post office or UPS Store. You will start receiving tracking-related information once the order is shipped. 

Returns Processing 

If a customer returns an order, then you must already be prepared to process it. The customers can ship the order directly back to you or the fulfillment center where the order will be evaluated. It all depends on the quality of the item, the reason for returning the item, and the returns policy. The item is further discussed either to be restocked or disposed of due to malfunctions. To get your hands on the best eCommerce order fulfillment services, you must contact Anyspaze.

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