Best Shared Warehousing Services In Bengaluru


Businesses Are Looking To Expand Their Warehouse Footprint In A Cost-Effective Manner. That Is Exactly Where The Concept Of Shared Warehousing Or Multi-Client Warehousing Comes Into The Picture. It Enables Companies To Realize Their Dream Of Expansion At An Affordable Price. With A Shared Warehousing Facility At Their Disposal, Businesses Have To Pay Only For Space And Labor Utilized By Them, As A Result Of Which The Warehouse Space Becomes A Variable Cost. Being India’s Thriving Tech City And Home To Numerous Start-Ups And ECommerce Businesses, Bengaluru Is Being Ravaged By Companies For Shared Warehousing Spaces That Can Help Them With Their ECommerce Fulfillment Services.

Here Are The Benefits The Shared Warehouses In Bengaluru Can Offer To ECommerce And Other Businesses:

● Cost-Effective: At Anyspaze You Can Find The Affordable Shared Warehousing Solutions In An Otherwise Costly City Like Bengaluru. We Help You To Reduce Your Expenses In Unthinkable Ways. Since The Cost Is Shared By All The Clients, It Saves Your Storage Costs Too. The Deal Is Simple, You Only Pay For What You Use And Require!

 Access To Immense Knowledge: With A Fleet Of Staff Trained In Handling Various Types Of Products Already At Anyspaze, They Make Sure That The Knowledge And Expertise They Have Provides The Best Results To Your Company In Dealing With A Peculiar Niche.

 Abundant Resources: In An E-Commerce Warehouse On A Shared Basis, We Provide State-Of-The-Art Facilities And Resources To You. We Also Provide Services Like 3PLs With Shared Warehousing Which Makes It Easy To Handle And Manage Your Freight Correctly With Things Like KPIs And Online Reporting.

  •  Enhanced Security: We At Anyspaze Make Sure That Your Products Are In The Best Hands With Security Guards On Duty 24/7, Extreme Surveillance, Building Maintenance, And Improved IT Infrastructure. Our Shared Warehousing Services Are Greatly Known For Investing In Top-Notch Security. In Fact, We Provide Better Warehousing Security Compared To The Traditional And Private Warehouses.  
  • Specific Resources: While There Are So Many Resources To Be Utilized, Our Shared Warehouses In Bengaluru Are Also Kind Enough In Allowing Access To Some Specific Storage Resources Like Temperature-Controlled Storage, Cold Refrigeration, Etc. To Ensure That Your Products’ Integrity And Quality Remains Uncompromised At All Times.
  • Allows To Tap Into The Huge Experience: Since Our 3PL Providers With Shared Warehousing Have Immense Knowledge And Experience, Having Worked With Dozens Of Companies From Different Niches Over Years, They Provide The Best Services In Handling, Moving, And Storing Even The Most Sophisticated Products.
  • Allows You To Focus On Core Competencies: Since Our Shared Warehousing Solutions Takes Care Of A Lot Of Operations For You, It Also Enables You To Work On Your Core Competencies And Internal Operations, Thereby Helping You Save A Lot Of Time.

At Anyspaze, We Offer The Best Services In Warehousing Solutions Including Fast, Flexible, And Cost-Effective Inventory Management And Logistics Solutions To Our Clients. Due To Favorable Government Policies It Is Expected That The Area Requirement For Warehouses Will Increase From 909.5 Million Sq. Ft. To 4,439 Million Sq. Ft. By 2022. The Warehousing Market In India Accounts For Approximately 25% Of The Total Logistics Cost. Shared Warehouses Are The New Normal And The Beneficial Way To Making Profits. With Us, You Can Find Variable Size Warehouse Spaces That Can Cater To All Your Business Requirements. With Shared Warehouses Sprawled All Across The City, You Can Be Sure Of Giving Your Business The Forward Leap That It Deserves The Most!

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